NEW! RCUH Human Resources Recruitment Email Address

Please be advised that RCUH Human Resources has recently updated the Department’s contact information. Please see below for a full list of our organizational email addresses and the applicable correspondence:

    Email Address



[email protected] General HR Questions 956-3100


[email protected]

HR Training Registrations, Employee Independent Contractor (EIC) Review, Tuition Reimbursement  





[email protected]     (NEW)

Request to hire regular-status positions, drafting job descriptions, job advertisements, update/re-class job descriptions  





[email protected]

Applicant review and selection, non-recruited hiring requests, new-hire paperwork, ID cards, verification of employment  



[email protected] Visas/Work Authorizations 956-0871

[email protected]

Health plans, leaves, workers’ compensation, retirement benefits  


[email protected] Payroll, tax information, W-2s 956-7624

[email protected]

HR Portal, Employee Self-Service, changes to HR records  


Previously, any correspondence regarding Regular-Status position requests, job advertisements or job descriptions (drafting, updates, and reclassifications) could be emailed to [email protected]. RCUH now requests that you please send these types of requests to our new, [email protected] inbox.

Please contact Elizabeth Nunez at 808-956-0819 or [email protected] if you have any questions or require additional information.