New Procurement Online Course

RCUH’s newest training offering is an online course, “Purchase Orders and Contracts.” It is presented in four modules, ranging from 4 to 26 minutes. The course will help you:

  • become familiar with the:
    • purchase order and contracting process and
    • RCUH policies and their applicability to the purchasing process
  • determine when a purchase is a standard or non-standard procurement
  • proactively identify issues, and
  • identify additional requirements needed to complete a procurement.

Purchasing scenarios are included to demonstrate the applicability of RCUH’s policies to various procurement and contract situations.

The “Purchase Orders and Contracts” course may be found in the RCUH Training Portal. If you need to request access to the RCUH Training Portal, please complete this form.

We wish to acknowledge the assistance of the review team who provided us with exceptional feedback during the development and production phases. We are grateful for their time and thoughtful comments.

Should you have any questions or comments about the course, please feel free to contact RCUH Procurement and Disbursing Manager Erin Yoda at [email protected].