TO:      RCUH Employees Who Were Offered or Who Were Covered By an RCUH Medical Plan During the 2018 Calendar Year

FROM: RCUH Human Resources

DATE:  January 31, 2019

As part of our compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Law (PPACA), the RCUH is required to provide you with the IRS Form 1095-C. This form will provide you with important information about the health insurance coverage that was offered to you during the 2018 calendar year.

All employees who were offered or who were covered by an RCUH medical plan will receive a paper Form 1095-C. This form will be mailed to your current mailing address on record on January 31, 2019.

For more information, please refer to the Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions for Individuals and Families on the IRS website.

If you do not receive your form 1095-C by February 15, 2019 or if you have any questions about your IRS Form 1095-C or the ACA, please contact [email protected].