Seeking Project Profiles, Photos for 2019 Annual Report

Does your project have a scientific breakthrough or significant achievement you’d like to share? Or, perhaps you want to spread the word about the great work your project is doing?  Just let us know and it could be included in the 2019 RCUH Annual Report! We’re also seeking high resolution photos that capture your project’s work and operations.

Projects are featured in the RCUH annual reports (see samples from 2018 report)  and we’d like to continue to profile projects in our 2019 report from a variety of fields, such as marine science, agriculture, medicine, astronomy and more.

Please consider submitting a project profile.  All you need to do is complete this brief form and email it to [email protected]. The deadline is Friday, September 13, 2019. While all submissions may not be featured in the 2019 RCUH Annual Report, they may be used in future publications.

Questions?  Contact RCUH Corporate Services at [email protected].  Thank you.