The RCUH fiscal year-end processing has been completed. You may now approve online purchase orders, payments, and travel in the Financial Portal. The first check run for Fiscal Year 2021 will be on Monday, July 6, 2020 at 4:00 PM.

UH Project Fiscal Reports may reflect incorrect amounts and balances until KFS is opened for FY 2021. Until KFS is opened for FY 2021, please use the Mass Printing Reports to access the UH Project Fiscal Reports as of June 2020 and earlier.

Reminder: Service dates are required for all payment transactions through Monday, August 31. For payments approved after July 31, $100,000 or greater, and with service dates of June 30 or earlier, please complete the attached RCUH AP Worksheet. Please include estimates or projections for invoices that have not been received as of July 31. Please email your worksheet to Staci Murata at [email protected] by Monday, August 3.

Please refer to the Thursday, June 18 General Announcement on Service Dates for more information.