New Online Training Available: Walking in the Wilderness

Most people assume that hiking is a natural activity that anyone can do without training so it’s often taken for granted and workers aren’t often aware of or focused on the hazards from slips, trips, and falls. The objective of this 40-minute training is to teach you how to stay on your feet and be more in control when walking in the wilderness. You’ll also learn what to do if you slip or fall and how to report any injuries to your supervisor and RCUH.

This online training is split up into three modules:

  • Introduction & Hiking Techniques (22 minutes)
  • Slipping & Falling Techniques (8 minutes)
  • Hazards & Injury Reporting (9 minutes)

The course is available in the RCUH Training Portal. If you need to request access to the RCUH Training Portal, please complete this form. To access transcripts for these modules, click on the “Additional References” tab in the course.

We want to give a big mahalo to the O‘ahu Army Natural Resources Program and the Ko‘olau Mountains Watershed Partnership, and all of our external reviewers who guided us with their knowledge and years of wilderness experience during the creation of this course.