2021 Aloha United Way Campaign Update

We are pleased to share the success of RCUH’s 2021 Aloha United Way Campaign. We are very grateful for the support and contributions that RCUH made this year. Not only did we increase overall participation, but together we have committed to aiding our community through our pledges to Aloha United Way.

One of the most significant changes that occurred this year compared to past campaign years is the introduction of the AUW ePledge online giving platform, where our employees were able to donate easily and effortlessly to the agency of their choice. It is our belief that when given the opportunity to see your donation made to one of the many agencies of AUW, it feels more impactful and meaningful.

Not only have we steered our direction towards online giving, we also noticed an increase in this year’s participation. We had three times (3x) the number of total participants than last year! It seems appropriate to say that providing a convenient source to pledge and a variety of ways in which to do so has made a huge impact on RCUH’s AUW campaign.

We again would like to sincerely thank you all for your donations this year and will be looking forward to another successful campaign in 2022.