RCUH HR IMPORTANT: Suspension of the RCUH Mandatory Vaccination Policy – Effective March 26, 2022

TO:                 Principal Investigators and RCUH Employees
FROM:           Nelson Sakamoto, Director of Human Resources

SUBJECT:   Suspension of the RCUH Mandatory Vaccination Policy – Effective March 26, 2022

Effective March 26, 2022 the RCUH will be suspending its RCUH Mandatory Vaccination Policy.  The suspension of the RCUH Mandatory Vaccination Policy is consistent with the University of Hawaii’s suspension of their COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination Policies.  Commencing March 26, 2022 the following changes will occur:

  • No Weekly COVID-19 Testing:  No further weekly COVID-19 testing for partially vaccinated or employees who were granted by the RCUH a medical or religious accommodation. No further uploading weekly tests results to your RCUH My COVID-19 Data App (or UH LumiSight App).
  • (For employees working at a UH campus) No need to do your daily health screening on LumiSight.  For all other employees follow your work location’s healthcare screening rules.
  • No Masking Requirement (both indoor and outdoor) unless your work location requires the use of masks or if you are returning from an isolation or quarantine period.

Work Site Specific Rules:  Even with the suspension of the RCUH and UH COVID-19 policies, RCUH employees may still need to comply with specific work/location rules.  UH, State, Federal and other project work locations may still have COVID-19 related rules remaining in effect beyond March 26, 2022.  All RCUH employees must follow any applicable rules that apply to their work location.  Example:  RCUH employees working for a UH Principal Investigator must follow any work site rules applicable to that UH work location. Principal Investigators should inform their RCUH employees of any ongoing work location specific rules that may remain in effect past March 26, 2022.

As needed, the RCUH will provide you with additional guidance.  The RCUH appreciates everyone’s cooperation and understanding throughout the past two years of this pandemic. 

Questions:  If you have any questions contact me at [email protected].