RCUH HR INFORMATION ONLY: New Features: Job Description Library and Job Description Template

Great news! The online Job Description (JD) Library is now available via the Human Resources Portal

The JD Library is a new tool to drive efficiency and assist projects with job description management. Some key features of the JD Library include the following:

  • Quick access and centralized storage for all established job descriptions that are unique to each project
  • Comparisons of job descriptions
  • Ability to view prior content from an ever-growing bank of job descriptions and competencies
  • Ability to export job descriptions to Microsoft Word for editing purposes
  • Ability to develop and standardize job descriptions

Please note that job descriptions are only available for Regular-Status positions.  Search results will pull up the most recent version of the job description and may be filtered by employee name or ID, job title, pay range, FLSA status, or education requirement. Individuals with HR Portal Access (e.g., Principal Investigator, Supervisory, Fiscal Administrator, and Administrative Authorities) will be able to access the JD library. If the project reviews their library of positions and would still like to create a new job description, please use the revised Job Description Template available in the Recruitment Document Library and Step 3 of a regular hire position request. This has been simplified to include a drop-down feature to further assist with the drafting process. 

To access the library:

  1. Log in to the Human Resources Portal
  2. Click on the “Hire Employees” Tab
  3. Click on “Job Description Library”
  4. Search for a specific position or filter results
  5. Job descriptions may be downloaded as a PDF and converted to a Word document via Adobe Acrobat Pro by selecting Export PDF to Microsoft Word under “Tools.” This may be edited and directly uploaded to “Step 3 – JD & Posting Information” when initiating a regular hire request (under the “Hire Employees” Tab).

We appreciate your patience as we continue to improve efficiencies for our projects. We recognize that this is a new tool and would appreciate any feedback on the JD Library. If you have feedback, questions, or have difficulty accessing the JD Library, please contact RCUH Human Resources at (808) 956-3100 or [email protected].