RCUH HR IMPORTANT: Action Required – Updated State and Federal Employment Law Notices and Posters to be Posted at Project Work Site

To: Principal Investigators and Project Staff

Employers are required to display State and Federal employment law notices and posters in a visible place that is regularly visited by employees (i.e., designated bulletin board, lunchroom, break room, or conference room). These notices and posters inform employees and prospective employees of their rights under State and Federal employment laws and regulations. Physical posting is required by law. Failure to post the required, current State and Federal employment law notices can result in fines.

We ask that all projects post the all-inclusive poster at a designated and highly visible place at the project’s work site. For projects that are working in the office (e.g., on campus, State or Federal facilities), please check with the respective Business/Administrative Office. It is likely the centralized Business/Administrative offices have the posters displayed and are compliant. 

Moving forward, RCUH Human Resources will inform projects when updated posters are available to ensure compliance with this requirement. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

If you have any questions about posting requirements, please contact RCUH Employment via phone (808-956-7106) or email ([email protected]).