Requirement for Electronic I-94 for Nonemployee Payments

As the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continues to streamline and digitize the entry process for international visitors, CBP is eliminating entry stamps in passports at many (and eventually all) ports of entry. Without a passport entry stamp, foreign visitors will only have the electronic Form I-94 as a reference of their lawful immigration status. The Form I-94 is a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) arrival/departure record issued to aliens who are admitted into the United States. Having this information is critical to ensuring the foreign visitor is in the appropriate status for the correct duration.

Foreign visitors should be advised to check and download their Form I-94 soon after entry into the United States. This is especially important for temporary business visitors (e.g., B-1 visa), because the electronic I-94 only lists the details of the foreign visitor’s most recent entry to the U.S., not any previous class of admission (i.e., visa status). Thus, if the nonemployee departs then re-enters the U.S., their previous class of admission will no longer be available. Incomplete or missing electronic I-94 information may impact RCUH’s ability to process a nonemployee payment or the tax treatment of such payment.

Visitors may access and print their electronic I-94 from the I-94 website or on the CBP One mobile application.

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