Mandatory Training and Employee Performance Evaluation

TO:                 Principal Investigators, Supervisory Authorities, Administrative Authorities, and RCUH Employees

The 2023 RCUH Annual Performance Evaluation Form includes a certification by the employee that all mandatory trainings and/or requirements defined in their job description have been completed. The certification appears in the employee signature block on the evaluation form.  Please reference our April 17, 2023 web announcement.

The courses mandated by RCUH are as follows:

1) RCUH EEO/Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees (or Supervisors, as appropriate)

2) RCUH Workplace Violence Prevention for Employees (or Supervisors, as appropriate)

  • Both courses above are found in the RCUH Training Portal
  • Both courses above must be completed once every two (2) years

3) Hawaii State Ethics Commission (HSEC) General Ethics Training

RCUH employees may be required to take additional training, such as the UH Information Security Awareness Training or UH Title IX Training, but employees should check their job description or talk to their Principal Investigator to verify additional training requirements. NOTE: RCUH is currently evaluating its training and policies to reduce redundancies in training requirements for those working for UH projects. 

In a recent audit, we found that many Regular-status RCUH employees did not have an RCUH Training Portal account. Effective May 30, those employees will receive a system-generated message that an RCUH Training Portal account has been created. The three (3) courses mandated by RCUH will have been assigned.

We appreciate the efforts of all employees to complete the assigned training. Should an employee have difficulty logging into their RCUH Training Portal account or uploading the ethics training certificate, please contact RCUH Corporate Services at [email protected].