Change of Payee for Revolving Accounts Transitioning to UH

To: Principal Investigators, Fiscal Administrators, and Project Staff of RCUH Revolving Accounts

You are encouraged to update payee information on your invoices beginning with your June invoices. All customers should be notified that any remittances made after June 30, 2023 must be issued to the University of Hawaiʻi and not to RCUH.

Please refer to AP 8.701, Receipting and Depositing of Funds Received by the University for procedures on receipting, depositing, recording, reconciling, and safeguarding of funds received. 

If the payment will be electronically transmitted, please provide your customers with the UH Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Form. In accordance with AP 8.702, III.C.2., you must notify the UH Treasury Office when a new EFT agreement is established. The customer must provide identifying information with the EFT payment in order for the UH Treasury Office to identify and route the EFT payment notification to the proper department for recording.

Please direct any questions to the UH Treasury Office at [email protected].