RCUH HR INFORMATION ONLY: Attention – Fiscal Administrators RE: Employees Charged to Expired Project Account(s)

RCUH Policy No. 3.232 RCUH Funding of Positions requires all RCUH employees’ payroll and fringe benefits to be charged to a valid (i.e., active/funded) project number(s). Projects are responsible for all charges incurred on an expired account which may result in a questioned cost. Principal Investigators and Fiscal Administrators are also responsible for ensuring that their employees are on accounts with sufficient funding.

Options for employees that are on an expired or expiring account are:

  1. Submit an ePAF to transfer the employee to a valid project number by the RCUH ePAF deadline
  2. If you have received your sponsor’s approval for additional funding or for a No-Cost Extension (NCE), provide documentation via eUpload in the HR Portal
  3. Terminate employee consistent with Policy 3.285 RCUH Termination of Employment

Effective immediately, RCUH Human Resources will no longer be sending notifications to  the projects every pay period to inform them of employees charged to an expiring project account. In the event we identify employees who have been consistently charged to an expired project account, RCUH HR will reach out to the project for corrective action as appropriate.

If you have any questions, please contact RCUH HR Information Systems at [email protected].