New Function in Create PO Beta Application

As part of our financial system modernization, as announced in our January 18, 2014 Current News, we have added a function in the “Create PO Beta” application.



  • Users will now be able to create a new vendor for the PO Beta form.


  • Easier to see error messages on the Vendor Registration.


  • Attachment function is now on vendor form, instead of a separate page.



In addition, based on feedback from many of you, additional modifications to the PO Beta application were made and include:


  • Vendor Search results will display a ‘max results reached’ message to inform the user that there are too many results to display and that they would need to enter more for their search.
  • For those with default information (like shipping address) set up for their username, the PO Beta form will pull that information in.
  • ‘Back to RCUH Portal’ and ‘Logout’ links were added to the Beta forms to help users go straight to the RCUH Portal Page or log out, respectively.

  • ‘Cancel’ button was added to the bottom to allow users to leave the PO Beta form.

If you haven’t yet used the “Create PO Beta”, we encourage you to do so.  We are confident you will find it easy to use.




We hope you find this new feature helpful.  Please continue to provide us with feedback ([email protected]).  Thank you!