RCUH HR Important: User ID Login Retention

To: All Active/Terminated RCUH Employees, Principal Investigators, Project Staff, Fiscal Administrators

Two-factor authentication is coming to the Human Resources Portal and Employee Self-Service on Friday, February 23, 2024. By implementing two-factor authentication, we are aiming to increase the security of our systems and to provide protection for the sensitive data found in these portals. Please refer to this news announcement for more information.

In preparation for this, RCUH Human Resources will begin removing user IDs in the following situations:

  • Employees who have terminated and haven’t been paid through RCUH for 18 months or longer
  • Human Resources Portal users who are only on inactive Distribution Codes, or are on active Distribution Codes but haven’t logged in to the Human Resources Portal and/or Employee Self-Service for 18 months or longer

This will only impact user IDs that are used to login to the Human Resources Portal and/or Employee Self-Service. This process will continue to be done on a quarterly basis.

If there are any questions or concerns, please contact RCUH HR Information Systems via phone (808-956-8900) or email ([email protected]).