Old Purchase Requisition Function Will Be Disabled in ONE MONTH

The new Purchase Requisition function has been available since January 2014 and has been widely used.  The feedback received is that it is even more user friendly than before.  The software used to modernize the PO creation screens is very intuitive, so extensive training was not needed in order to become proficient in using the new screens.

The 3-month trial period when both the new and old systems were available for your use will be coming to a close shortly. We will be fully migrating over to the new Purchase Requisition function on April 18, 2014, 10:00pm (1 month from now).  At that point, the old Purchase Requisition screens will no longer be available.

While using the new PO creation function is self-explanatory, the Release Notes and a short video explaining the new features will continue to be available for your use.

For additional background, you may refer to the earlier notices:
■    January 18, 2014 — RCUH Financial System Modernization
■    February 22, 2014 — New Function in Create PO Beta Application

If you have questions or need help, please contact Rick Fujioka.