Nominations Open for 2020 Outstanding Employees of the Year Awards

The 2020 RCUH Outstanding Employees of the Year Awards encourage, recognize, and reward RCUH employees who have made demonstrable, significant, and exemplary contributions to their project during the past fiscal year (July 2019–June 2020) or years.


Three award categories are available:

  1. Researcher/Project Manager/Professional (exempt status position)
  2. Project Support Staff (non-exempt status position)
  3. Team (2–5 staff in exempt and/or non-exempt Regular-status positions) 


  • $1,000 to the first place awardee in each category
  • $500 to the second place awardee in each category
  • Team awards for first and second place will be shared equally among team members

All nominees and awardees will be announced in the fall. (We have suspended the nominee videos and awards luncheon for this year.)


A Principal Investigator may submit one nomination. PIs may re-nominate an employee who did not place first or second in a previous year. Team nominations are limited to no more than five individuals.


The deadline to submit a nomination is Tuesday, September 8, 2020.  Email your nomination to RCUH Corporate Services at [email protected]. Click here for the nomination form.

For more information, please refer to policy 3.450 Outstanding Employees of the Year Awards or contact RCUH Corporate Services at [email protected] or 808-988-8314.