RCUH Policies and Procedures

3.000 Human Resources Document Library

Form Related Policy/Procedure
RCUH Monthly Premium Rate Sheet — Active Employees3.520, 3.520A
RCUH Monthly Premium Rate Sheet — COBRA3.285, 3.520, 3.520A
RCUH Monthly Premium Rate Sheet — Retiree3.520, 3.520A, 3.560
RCUH Affidavit of Dependency for Tax Purposes Form (B-16)3.520
RCUH Declaration of Domestic Partnership Form (B-14)3.215, 3.520, 3.520A
RCUH Declaration of Termination of Domestic Partnership Form (B-15)3.530, 3.520A
RCUH Guidelines and Information on Domestic Partners/Reciprocal Beneficiaries3.520, 3.520A
RCUH Employee Claimant Consent Form - Workers’ Compensation (Form D-26WC)3.580
RCUH Family & Medical Leave Request Form (B-11)3.660
FMLA & HFLL Rights & Responsibilities3.660
WH-380-E Own Serious Health Condition3.660
WH-380-F Care for Family Member with Serious Health Condition3.660
WH-384 Military FMLA Qualifying Exigency"3.660
WH-385 Military FMLA Care for Covered Service Member3.660
RCUH Open Enrollment All-in-One Form (OE-B5)3.520, 3.520A, 3.530, 3.530A
RCUH Group Health Insurance Enrollment/Change Form: Regular-Status Employees (B-5H)3.520, 3.540
RCUH Group Health Insurance Waiver Form: Regular-Status Employees (B-5Wb)3.340
RCUH Group Health ACA Insurance Enrollment/Change/Waive Form: Non-Recruited Employees (B-5A)3.340
RCUH Retiree Group Health & Life Insurance Enrollment Application (B-27)3.550
RCUH Flexible Spending Plan Enrollment/Change Form (B-5F)3.530, 3.530A
RCUH ID Card Application Form (E-18)3.610
RCUH Leave for Parent-Teacher Conference Request Form (B-1)3.520, 3.678
RCUH Life Insurance Change Form (B-5L)3.520, 3.540
RCUH Supplemental Retirement Annuity (TIAA) Agreement for Salary Reduction Form (B-6)3.560
RCUH Tuition Reimbursement Program Application Authorization Form3.460
RCUH Victims Leave Form (B-21)3.650
2023 Personnel Action & Payroll Calendar
2023 Personnel Action & Payroll Schedule
2024 Personnel Action & Payroll Calendar
2024 Personnel Action & Payroll Schedule
State and Federal Employment Law Poster (2023)
EEO Complaint Form (O-3)3.110, 3.120
Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement3.110
RCUH Withdrawal of Complaint and Release Form (O-4)3.110, 3.120
Attestation of Exception to EIC Review (No RCUH HR Review needed) - Form ICQ-013.225
Independent Contractor Questionnaire (ICQ): Request for RCUH HR Review - Form ICQ-023.225
Independent Contractor Memo Template3.225
Independent Contractor Memo - Instructions3.225
Guest Speaker Memo Template3.225
Guest Speaker Memo - Instructions3.225
Master EIC Determination - Non-Employee Research Study Participant3.225
Master EIC Determination - Non-Employee Non-Compensated Project Support3.225
Master EIC Determination - Non-Employee Special Duty Police3.225
Employees - Completing an eTimesheet (Standard)
Principal Investigators - Approving eTimesheets (Standard)
Employees - Completing an eTimesheet (Task Order)
Principal Investigators - Approving eTimesheets (Task Order)
Acknowledgement - Receipt of Company Property Financial Obligation Form (O-6)
Ethics Checklist3.210
Ethics Guide3.210
Form I-9 with RCUH Address
New Hire Reference Guide (for Non-Recruited Hires)3.005
New Hire Reference Guide (for Regular Hires)3.005
Personnel Action Form3.342, 3.350, 3.360, 3.620, 3.674
Student Assistant Pay Schedule3.211
HR Portal Access Form3.710
HR Portal Access Form — Additional Users3.710
RCUH User Acknowledgement3.710
Part A - HR Portal User Guide - Overview3.710, 3.810
Part B - HR Portal User Guide - Recruitment & Employment I
Part C - HR Portal User Guide - Recruitment & Employment II
Part D - HR Portal User Guide - Payroll
Part E - HR Portal User Guide - HR Information Systems I
Part F - HR Portal User Guide - HR Information Systems II4.400
Confidentiality Requirements for Personal Identifiable Information Acknowledgement Form3.480
Memo - Unforeseen Disruption in Work Schedules3.262
Model RCUH Safety Program3.930
Supervisors Report of Industrial Injury Form3.930
RCUH 12-Month/Needs Based Performance Evaluation Short Form (Excel Format)3.410
RCUH 12-Month/Needs Based Performance Evaluation Long Form (Excel Format)3.410
Attachment B User Guide3.234
Common External Publications3.234
Manual PRF - Change Account Number3.234
Manual PRF - Ads3.234
RCUH Recruitment Procedure3.234
Employment of Relatives & Other Close Relationships Form3.255, 3.262
Interview Comment Sheet3.235
Job Description Template3.234
Position Requisition Form3.234
RCUH Certification of Compliance - Prospective New Hire
Telephone Reference Check Form3.235
HMSA Akamai Advantage Form3.550
HMSA Automatic Payment Application3.550
HMSA Authorized Contact Form3.550
HMSA Akamai Advantage Summary of Benefits3.550
Kaiser Senior Advantage Form3.550
Kaiser Automatic Payment Application3.550
Kaiser Senior Advantage Summary of Benefits3.550
MetLife Life Insurance Policy (RCUH Retirees)3.550
Termination of Employment Form3.285
Termination General Information (Regular, Non-Regular, Relief status employees)3.285
Termination General Information (Non-Recruited Employees)3.285
COBRA Monthly Rate Sheet (Medical and Dental premiums): Effective 07/01/2021 - 06/30/20223.285
COBRA Notification - For reference only (actual notification to be sent upon processing of termination action)3.285
HDS (Dental) COBRA Enrollment Form3.285
Kaiser (Medical) COBRA Enrollment Form3.285
UNUM (Long Term Care) Continuation of Coverage Application3.285
MetLife (Life Insurance) Portability Application3.285
MetLife (Life Insurance) Conversion Application3.285
NBS (Flexible Spending Healthcare) Continuation of Coverage Application3.285
TIAA (Retirement Account) Options When Terminating with RCUH3.285
RCUH Mahalo Survey3.285
Employee Time/Leave Certification Form3.340, 3.342, 3.344, 3.620, 3.640, 3.650, 3.670, 3.672, 3.674, 3.676, 3.678
RCUH Request for Timesheet Correction Form3.810
Dependent Information Form3.212
E-3 Request Form3.212
H-1B Request Form3.212
J-1 Change Form3.212
J-1 Completion Form3.212
J-1 Request Form3.212
J-2 Information Form3.212
O-1 Request Form3.212
RCUH Pre-Arrival and Orientation Information for J-1 Exchange Visitors3.212
TN Request Form3.212
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